In late 2014, the Supply Chain Technical Academy at Coca-Cola Amatil was asked to propose a modern way of addressing business continuity risk presented by a concentration of expertise on key operational systems in a small number of individuals. The business was looking for an approach that enabled people to learn as they worked and to improve workplace practices. Knowledge sharing and collaborative learning via communities of practice are at the heart of an internal systems certification program implemented to address this need.

Participants in this session will see how knowledge sharing and collaboration have been included in an internal certification program and explore the online spaces set up for use by the community of practice using SharePoint and OneNote. You’ll see how people were enabled to develop skills, behaviors, and habits to participate in the community, starting with a guided social learning program. You’ll also hear about the role of the learning and development team in supporting people to share knowledge and collaborate.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How knowledge sharing and collaboration can be incorporated in a certification program
  • How SharePoint and OneNote can be used to support a community of practice
  • How to enable and encourage people to participate in an internal community of practice
  • The role learning and development can play in supporting knowledge sharing via communities of practice

Novice to intermediate organizational learning practitioners, community managers, learning strategists, designers, and developers.