Why this Project Was Needed:

A SharePoint-based performance management system, designed for the training organization at Eliassen Group in Wakefield, MA.

Eliassen has been using SharePoint for their Intranet since 2006, but because they never built web-page portals for the SharePoint data, information was extremely difficult to find and employee usage was very low. I was brought in to build a training solution for a key CRM tool that is used by just about everyone in the company. An effective performance support system was essential for the success of the program.

Tools/Technologies Used:

SharePoint 2010; MS Word.


All employees at a staffing and consulting services company.

Completion Time:

About two months.


SharePoint web design is not as user friendly as it could be; IE versus Chrome browser issues; acceptance from senior associates was and is difficult to get because they are not accustomed to using the intranet as a source of helpful information.

Insights/Lessons Learned:

Don’t give a man a fish. Teach him how to fish—and how to get to the fish with no more than three clicks.

Project Screenshots: