Once you decide as a vendor that you need to develop a performance-support (PS) offering for your customers, success or failure will depend on the infrastructure you choose to deliver that PS. Choose the right path and you increase sales by enabling your customers to be successful with your product. Organizations that help their customers deliver on their business objectives become much more than vendors, they become trusted partners. But choose the wrong path and you create an ineffective money sink.

Participants in this session will learn how and why organizations are discovering success by developing YouTube as their preferred PS infrastructure for their valued customers. Leveraging a world-class delivery platform is only scratching the surface because YouTube gives you Google’s unparalleled analytic tools, showing not only macro statistics such as total views, but also detailed metrics on your users’ behavior within each video. YouTube provides features simply out of reach of most learning organizations, like localization into over 50 languages, and perhaps most critical, YouTube lets you crowd-source and interact with your customers in ways that most vendors can only imagine developing. Top it all off with a robust API that allows you to programmatically access your data and incorporate your videos in your own applications and corporate dashboards.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why YouTube is the best choice for a PS infrastructure and what you miss if you select another infrastructure
  • How to dispel the myths around YouTube
  • How, for little cost, you can truly partner with your customers in their success
  • Specific examples of learning organizations becoming more successful than they could have imagined by using YouTube for PS

Novice-through-advanced participants who understand the value of educating and partnering with their customers through performance support.