What do visual-design trends have to do with eLearning? If you are an eLearning designer or developer, and you don’t see yourself as a visual designer, what do you need to know about these trends? How can they help you create more engaging and effective eLearning? Which visual-design trends—such as flat vs. skeuomorphic designs, infographics, and amateur-style video—are key to creating innovative eLearning design?

In this complimentary Best of Learning Solutions webinar with Bianca Woods, you’ll learn the concepts of visual design in a way that’s accessible to eLearning professionals who aren’t visual designers. You’ll explore the wide world of visual design, examine the trends that matter most to eLearning, discuss why these trends matter, and learn how to begin using new visual-design techniques in your eLearning deliverables.

Please note that the beginning audio with the session host is a little rough, but the audio gets better when Bianca Woods begins speaking about one minute in.


Session Video