The approaches available to support learning and performance expand each year. A wide variety of options are available to us including formal, informal, mobile, social, immersive, performance support, and more. Yet we often approach our learning programs as independent, “one-off” solutions. We need to move to a more integrated learning strategy based on a more holistic framework—a learning and performance ecosystem.

This session focuses on how to plan and assemble a learning and performance ecosystem that supports your organizational strategy. You’ll explore the ecosystem from the perspective of performance and look at the processes and technologies needed to support it. You’ll discuss how to align the ecosystem with your organization’s strategy and develop sponsorship to provide greater impact on the performance of your organization and its customers. This session will expand on some of the concepts presented in the new eLearning Guild white paper, Learning and Performance Ecosystems: Strategy, Technology, Impact, and Challenges, and you’ll learn about some key findings from the upcoming eLearning Guild Research Report on learning and performance ecosystems.


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