Having a professional portfolio can empower you to seek enhanced opportunities and brand you beyond social media platforms and traditional networking. However, though many professionals have strong technology and design skills, they need direction on how to use these abilities to build their own personal portfolios using both print and online media.

Participants in this session will learn about print- and web-portfolio design by examining the process, discussing content approaches, and managing stylistic decisions. The session is magnified through examples and discussion. Coverage will include building print, web, and ePortfolios for all levels of learning professionals across job titles.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to conceptualize and operationalize all the work you have done throughout your career
  • Simple strategies to use to generate and collect content
  • How to build a professional career website
  • Basic design principles for developing your professional web portfolio
  • Portfolio interface style concepts
  • How to better use type and images to develop a persuasive print and ePortfolio
  • How to seamlessly connect social-media platforms with your web-portfolio platform

Participants should have basic technology skills using DIY software, MS Word and PowerPoint, or Adobe InDesign.