Training development often relies on creative and collaborative work, which can be hard to manage efficiently for clear progress towards outcomes. Additionally, without proper task management, working with a content management and facilitation team can cause confusion, delays, or redundancy in the development process. This session will provide clear resources for a training lead or instructional designer in creating training plans—and tasks related to those plans—to guide a collaborative team towards an end goal. These resources are adaptable to different size teams and types of organizations. With a clear plan, and understanding of how to effectively use tasks, leaders can support a training team to be innovative and productive.

This session focuses on the role of a lead in a training development and facilitation team when designing a clear path for training development, as well as consistently and efficiently managing tasks for project completion. You’ll discuss task templates, workflows, and interactions for efficient collaboration of a training-content management and facilitation team, as well as how to work with subject-matter experts and/or a project manager.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to analyze and break down an organization’s training needs into concrete tasks
  • How to design and develop training plans that are adaptable and flexible for a collaborative training development team
  • How to outline and schedule clear tasks for multiple roles within a training development and facilitation team
  • How to express tasks in a clear and consistent way for training development
  • How to evaluate and support a training development team through effective task management and feedback

Novice and intermediate participants with basic instructional-design knowledge or basic project-management knowledge.