Are you still waiting for the computer upgrade you were promised at work … last year? Or maybe you’re hoping the IT guy will appreciate your gift-basket bribe enough to bend the rules and install those non-supported applications you requested.

You can keep waiting, hoping, and praying, or you can join the cool kids and get things done using your own smartphone/tablet and mobile apps! Not only is your smartphone or tablet likely faster than your work machine, but you also have the freedom to install and uninstall apps that fit your needs and workflow. In this session, you’ll explore and discuss the most practical and essential apps that learning professionals can use to be more successful at work.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About mobile apps for productivity, communication, social media, and learning
  • Workflows for incorporating apps into your workday
  • The most essential apps for learning professionals

Novice to expert learning professionals seeking to be more productive and efficient at work.