There is no doubting the impact that technology has had on our personal lives—the ways in which we now rely so much on technology is staggering! But what has that meant for us as learning professionals, how has that technology created our digital world, and what do we need to do to keep up to date or even stay ahead? As instructional designers and developers, of course we still need the core skills such as understanding adult learning theory, ADDIE, or adopting a sound instructional approach to the learning that we create. But what new skills do we have to develop? Skills that possibly are not immediately on our radar but that are essential if we are to have success in this digital world?

Session participants will discover what these non-core skills are, and why they are vital for us to gain in order to succeed today. You’ll learn that we need to adapt to how our clients are expecting learning to be designed and delivered and how our skillset and approach needs to change to accommodate that.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why the core skills we have developed over the years are not enough in the 21st century
  • What non-core skills we need to have and why they are critical for success
  • How to develop these new skills ourselves to address an ever changing world of learning stakeholders and learner audience expectations
  • Tips and best practices that will aid us in developing ourselves for the changes ahead

Novice through advanced designers, developers, managers, directors, VPs, CLOs, executives, and other eLearning professionals who are seeing challenges and concerns over the ever changing way technology is impacting learning.