Infographics, video scribing, explanation videos, infinite canvas presentations ... these are just some of the trends in visual thinking and information display. You may be thinking, “It would cost me an arm and a leg to hire a graphic artist or too much time to learn to use the tools to create this infographic.” I can tell you that you’re not even close! Infographics are a hot trend that lends itself extremely well to the learning field. Participants will discuss the basic components of infographics, and learn some simple processes for creating them using free tools from idea conception to publication.

Participants in this session will explore tools and processes that can help the not-so-graphically-inclined instructional designer (and the graphically inclined as well) to quickly create visual multimedia assets on a shoestring budget. You’ll learn a problem-based solution for your needs to represent concepts and processes. You’ll discover the basic principles of graphic and visual design and explore tools that allow for relatively easy creation of media-rich infographics, video scribes, and other engaging and trending forms of web-ready media.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The most common elements of infographics
  • Why infographics are effective
  • When to use infographics to support learning
  • How to create infographics using simple tools that require no graphic-design experience

Novice designers and managers with a basic knowledge of visual literacy (in practice) and some experience using simple drag-and-drop web applications.