The visual literacy, attention span, and culture of today’s learners require that you engage with them emotionally or you miss the chance to connect with your learners, and the result dilutes the ROI. This trend is accelerating. Designing successful learning experiences starts with objectives. Then to build a learner-centric experience, you need to start with three essential building blocks: branding, interactivity, and the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Fusing instructional, creative, and technical capabilities, these three critical design elements—when done well—will attract your learners, engage them, and deliver meaningful training to improve their performance, their careers, their lives, and the bottom line of their employer.

This session will walk you through three essential building blocks of visual design—branding, interactivity, and the UI and UX. They will enable you to create learner-centric solutions that connect with your learner populations. Concepts coupled with real-world examples will inspire you to deliver a whole new level of training to your learners, help your organization or learning event stand out from the crowd and meet its objectives, and maximize your training investment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The critical need to design learner-centric solutions
  • The essential roles of three visual building blocks: branding, interactivity, and UI and UX
  • What each of the three building blocks contributes to the learning experience
  • How to use the three building blocks in successful learning solutions
  • How you can use these three building blocks to connect with your audience

Anyone who needs to develop or deliver effective training. No prior knowledge required.