Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to have a major impact on the functionality of learning systems with tools for authoring, managing, and experiencing learning activities. This session will present a broad, non-technical overview and several examples of how AI-enhanced tools will change the way we teach and learn. We will soon be seeing AI-based enhancements to the eLearning systems we use today and eventually new product categories enabled by AI technologies. Participants will become aware of new possibilities and learn to understand and compare the functionality of new “intelligent” products as they appear in the marketplace.

Participants in this session will examine research systems and commercial products that include different AI technologies: speech, vision, data analytics, intelligent tutors, intelligent agents in games and simulations, robo-graders in MOOCs, automated meta-data tagging, online activities that monitor if the learner is paying attention, and so on. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and to share their own experiences. Someday, you will be working side-by-side with intelligent systems.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The range of product functionality that AI will enable
  • The different AI technologies that enable this functionality
  • Examples of advanced research prototypes and new AI-enhanced products
  • The limits of today’s AI technologies and the products built with them

Novice participants who are interested in the future of eLearning. This session is jargon free—no technical background is needed.