Concise, visual metaphors facilitate real learning. Think back to high school, college, or a meeting where you experienced that “aha” moment while someone was drawing on a whiteboard. What about recording that physical whiteboard activity and using it virtually in eLearning? By today’s standards, that might sound a bit crude and informal, but when done right, whiteboard recordings can be just as effective as the Flash or HTML5 you might produce from expensive software such as Storyline or Captivate. And you definitely don’t need to be an artist … all you need is a whiteboard, markers, a digital camera, a PC, Mac, or iPad with some inexpensive software, and a little creativity.

Participants in this session will examine the value of whiteboard videos for learning, and learn a simple process for designing, recording, and editing your own whiteboard videos using inexpensive software such as iMovie. You’ll learn that sometimes the flashiest eLearning isn’t necessarily the most effective or the easiest on your budget, and that if you’re simply trying to show your learners an important concept or process in five or 10 minutes, then leveraging the tried-and-true whiteboard is a good option.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to design and storyboard a whiteboard video
  • How to identify and prepare your whiteboard drawing area
  • Different live-drawing techniques
  • How to choose the right video-editing software
  • How to combine, speed up, and narrate whiteboard videos
  • How to include transitions and other special effects

Novice-to-intermediate instructional designers, instructional developers, and eLearning project managers. No prior knowledge about video recording or iMovie required.