Beyond the SCO: Modular Courseware from Concept to Business Impact

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Online Forums 2014 - May 15, 2014
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Kenneth Hubbell

Sr. Mgr. Instructional Design Strategy & Innovation, SVP
Wells Fargo Bank

For decades, the concept of modular learning has been a popular topic of conversation in learning circles. In the past four years, though, Ken and his team have taken the conversation off the drawing board and into their organization to create a truly modular framework for scalable, sustainable learning that cost-effectively addresses the need for training-and-skills maintenance in the field.

Participants in this session will explore three practical examples of modular learning, examine some guidelines for implementing a similar strategy in your own organizations, and preview what’s on the horizon with the Experience API and other technology integration. After this session, you’ll be able to analyze your own organization’s learning programs, and start applying modular techniques to optimize available content and improve learner engagement and program sustainability.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What modular learning is today
  • How to apply a modular-learning approach to meet your business objectives
  • How to select the right delivery medium for each learning need
  • How to integrate new learning technology into modular learning
  • How to use your LMS for more than just tracking course completions
  • How to develop blended solutions that go beyond eLearning

Novice-to-advanced designers, developers, and project managers. Attendees should be familiar with the basic components of instructional design and have some exposure to LMSs and content-authoring tools.


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