When a learning project goes horribly awry, often our first instinct is to run away—screaming, in some cases. But we usually don’t have the freedom to flee, and instead need to address project issues head on. Is it possible to turn seemingly imminent project failures into success stories?

Participants in this session will examine real-world projects— from both client and vendor perspectives—that have come dangerously close to imploding, but were successful in the end. Instead of focusing only on the things that can go wrong, you’ll explore how to use the things that go wrong for long-term success. From threats of terminating vendor relationships and losing client contracts to establishing lasting relationships and improving processes that benefit everyone, you’ll gain insights, ideas, practical tips, real strategies, and inspiration for managing difficult learning-project situations.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to spot potential learning-project problems
  • How to identify the root of project issues
  • How to create buy-in for project fixes by effectively communicating needs, changes, and solutions
  • Strategies for making on-the-fly course corrections to keep a project moving

Intermediate-to-advanced project managers, managers, directors, and VPs who have experience with learning-project management and working with vendors (either as a client or as a vendor).