What do eLearning professionals earn these days? Are salaries in your country and worldwide rising, falling, or flat? How does your organization size, industry, years of experience, and other factors influence your salary and compensation?

Join 2014 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report author Patti Shank as she leads a panel of eLearning professionals to compare key report takeaways. The panel will address what the almost 6,000 survey respondents said in late 2013 about their salary and compensation, review salary and compensation trends, and discuss what trends they expect to see moving forward. Whether you have read this report or not, attend this webinar to learn more about global eLearning salary and compensation.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • About the report and the survey that provided the report’s data
  • How eLearning salaries and compensation worldwide changed in 2013
  • About expected trends in eLearning salaries and compensation for 2014 and beyond


All Contributors

Marcie Bober-Michel

Professor/Chair/Graduate Advisor, Department of Learning Design and Technology, San Diego State University

Ronnie Duncan

President, CEO, and Founder, TimelyText

Katica Roy

Senior Director, Global Learning, ServiceSource International

Patti Shank

President, Learning Peaks