When to use graphics in a learning product and which types of graphics to use can be among the most confusing decisions learning designers must make. There are many variables to consider in these decisions, such as the purpose of your visual communication and the graphic style that matches this purpose. With short timelines and restricted budgets, designers often make these decisions too quickly, resulting in a haphazard approach.

Participants in this session will see how to categorize graphics by style to make sense out of the vast array of choices. You’ll examine the meaning of different graphic styles and how those styles correspond to specific audiences, content, and mood. You’ll look at styles that promote learning and styles that hinder it. You’ll learn how to prioritize the criteria for deciding when and where to use graphics and when it’s best to build visuals from scratch. You won’t need any particular graphic skills to benefit from this session; it’s for anyone involved in instructional design.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to categorize graphics
  • How to select graphics that match your instructional purpose
  • When to choose high-fidelity or low-fidelity graphics
  • What criteria to consider when making graphic choices