Instructional videos designed for online delivery and videos designed to be viewed on mobile devices’ smaller screens or embedded into instructional activities need to have smaller file sizes to stream well. To create smaller files, you often must compress and resize high-quality HD video, but did you know that capturing and editing video using mobile devices can reduce the cost, time, and people involved in video projects? That’s because mobile-captured video is generally already compressed and ready for smaller screen sizes, and mobile-video-editing apps are relatively easy to use.

Participants in this session will explore how to capture, edit, and distribute video using a smartphone or tablet that has video functionality. You’ll examine video-related apps and basic video composition techniques for smaller screens, focusing on the process and not a specific device or app. You’ll then see a simple demonstration of capturing, editing, and uploading videos directly from a mobile device.

Note: The presenter will provide a list of recommended video-editing apps for various devices at

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to capture video from your mobile device
  • Ways to import video into mobile editing software
  • How to add titles and graphics to your video
  • Methods of adding audio to your video
  • How to share your video with others