Mobile technologies and applications continue to gain traction not only in the commercial environment, but in the military defense environment as well. With the rising popularity and diversity of mobile devices in the workplace and in the field, many organizations need to develop mLearning applications that will work across myriad devices. But what tools should you use for cross-platform mobile development?

As an mLearning developer supporting the US Department of Defense (DoD), Perry helped explore and experiment with various mobile-development techniques for cross-platform mLearning applications. Participants in this session will examine five of the cross-platform development tools he used to create prototype/internal mLearning applications: Adobe AIR, PhoneGap, Titanium SDK, Corona SDK, and Unity 3D. You will explore the pros and cons of each tool, including their viability and practicability within the context of the DoD.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The differences between cross-platform and native mLearning-application development
  • The recommended computing setup for cross-platform mLearning-application development
  • The pros and cons of Adobe AIR, PhoneGap, Titanium SDK, Corona SDK, and Unity3D