Many organizations are still using countless paper-based guides, manuals, and job aids for day- to-day operations. Planning for additional printing costs throughout the year to accommodate changes is still the norm, and content reliability can become questionable when older documents are not all updated or replaced. And while some organizations have gone paperless, the electronic versions might still contain only basic text and not use the full potential of digital formats.

Participants in this session will learn how to create your own interactive and engaging eBooks. You’ll explore formatting documents for multiple desktop and mobile devices, the types of media (such as images, video, and audio) you can integrate into eBooks, and the various free and paid tools for generating eBooks. You’ll walk through a basic workflow for converting a simple document containing a few basic media types to an EPUB file, and learn how to make that file available via Dropbox. By the end of this session, you’ll have the basic skills you need to begin converting your own documents to eBooks.

In this session, you learn:

  • How to convert your print documents to eBooks
  • How to integrate multimedia elements into your eBooks
  • How to format your eBook content for multiple devices
  • How to deploy eBooks to devices