In many cases, today’s eLearning media and graphic design still fall short of presenting information in ways that maximize learning retention. Too many times, eLearning professionals assume that visual design is secondary, or that their default design is “good enough.” But in today's workplace and society, strong visual design is no longer optional—it’s expected. In fact, the presentation’s visual design affects the learners’ expectations of the accuracy and validity of the content. As eLearning professionals, we need to engage the learner by visually attracting, holding the attention of, and binding the learner to eLearning experiences.

Over the past five years, Accenture Academy has developed over 800 learning objects (courses) that employ engaging media and graphic design. Participants in this session will learn that by following three simple design principles, you can transform already engaging content into engaging and memorable presentations. Through plenty of examples, you’ll explore how using engaging media and graphic design in eLearning can maximize learning retention.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The basic elements of effective visual design
  • How to apply these elements to your current eLearning media
  • How to create engaging media for your next eLearning project