Recommendations for Designing Training Events in 3-D Virtual Worlds

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Online Forums 2013 - June 7, 2013
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Trey Reyher

Booz Allen Hamilton

Lee Taylor-Nelms

Booz Allen Hamilton

Designing instructional events for virtual worlds (VWs) requires new competencies for even the most experienced instructional systems designers (ISDs). Only your imagination limits VW environments, courses, and interactions. Using VWs, learners can practice emergency responses to air-missile attacks with key players from around the world logged onto your virtual US Navy cruiser, see how to stop a heart attack from inside a virtual heart, or even role-play how to behave at a traditional Iranian wedding. VWs offer new opportunities for learners and trainers alike. However, do these new affordances challenge traditional instructional-design strategies?

Incorporating some or all of Robert Gagné’s classic Nine Events of Instruction has become common practice for many ISDs, and participants in this session will explore three-dimensional (3D) VW-based training events from the perspective of Gagné’s nine events. In this highly interactive, game-based session, you’ll explore how you can apply Gagné’s nine events to the brave new 21st Century training ground of 3-D virtual worlds.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction
  • How to apply Gagné’s nine events to training in three-dimensional virtual worlds (3-D VWs)
  • How to design effective strategies for 3-D VW trainings

New recording posted August 5, 2013. The embedded videos now play.


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