With web-based modalities, training for action in physical space and immersion into micro worlds can only address the knowledge and awareness levels of learning. Virtual worlds allow us to achieve another level of immersion and add context to the training. But wouldn’t it be more impactful if training for action in a physical space through eLearning could also include physical movement?

Physical movement in virtual learning is now an option with technology like the Virtusphere. The Virtusphere is a versatile simulation platform comprising a 10-foot hollow ball of plastic, hardware that includes head-mounted display goggles, and software. The learner steps into the Virtusphere, and twin physical forces go to work as the learner walks in any direction and looks up, down, and around. Sensors monitor the speed and direction of the steps and the direction of the gaze, and the image the learner sees on the head-mounted display goes wherever the learner walks and looks. Participants in this session will see a demonstration of the Virtusphere, explore how physical movement can impact learning, and examine Harrisburg University’s work with and vision for the Virtusphere through the Center for Advanced Entertainment & Learning Technologies.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Ways to use the Virtusphere as a tool for teaching and learning
  • How the Virtusphere connects physical movement to improve training and application outcomes
  • Ways the Virtusphere can increase the impact of safety training and the exploration of micro worlds
  • How the Virtusphere can save money compared to traditional physical-space training