Lessons Learned from Seven Years of Building Simulations

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Online Forums 2013 - May 9, 2013
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Tammy Olson

Global Learning Program Manager
Donaldson Company

Building educational simulations has traditionally been a specialized skill, but is becoming increasingly common among eLearning professionals. Whether you have already started building simulations or are just getting ready to, what can you learn from an organization that has been developing simulations for years?

Session participants will examine the lessons OptumHealth has learned over the past seven years of building simulations for employees in a variety of business situations using a variety of eLearning technologies. You’ll explore what proved effective (and not so effective) for OptumHealth as they evolved their simulation strategy. You’ll learn how to identify the type of simulation that will be most effective for your business situation and what questions to ask to determine the level of skill assessment you should design your simulation to capture. You’ll be able to take the ideas and solutions presented in this session and apply them directly to your organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Practical ideas you can use to develop or evolve your strategy for incorporating simulations in your learning programs
  • What questions to ask when designing simulations to make sure you develop realistic workplace situations
  • Why Bloom’s Taxonomy is a key component to developing powerful simulations
  • How low-tech solutions can often be the most effective way to simulate real-world workplace scenarios and assess learners’ skill levels
  • Why demonstration videos are not simulations, and how you can use videos as an effective component in your simulation strategy


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