Lack of communication can put any initiative in jeopardy, especially something as innovative and potentially disruptive as performance support. So what can you do to improve your organization's communications about performance-support initiatives?

Participants in this session will examine how well-planned, thoughtful, and sustained communication across your organization—from executives to end users—can dramatically increase your performance-support initiative's potential for success: Consider who will be impacted by change and who will be agents of it. Decide if performance support is a learning initiative or a business strategy, and who communicates it as such. Prepare to manage expectations, especially when everyone wants a solution for his or her own project.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To consider the different audiences that need to hear about your initiative
  • Your audiences' possible interests, concerns, and roles in communicating about performance support
  • Communication strategies and tactics that can make these audiences supportive, active extensions of your initiative