Over the last several years, the software tools used to develop eLearning became increasingly more powerful, while at the same time simpler to use. It became possible for instructional designers to develop many things that previously required extensive assistance from an expert programmer. On the whole, it seemed like we were headed for an eLearning-development utopia. Then, new technology advances arrived and upset the apple cart. mLearning and cloud-based solutions bring great benefits, but because they aren’t as mature as the previous eLearning tools, it isn’t clear how your eLearning software toolkit should change to reap the optimal benefits.

Participants in this session will address this challenge by examining some of the most common eLearning tools and predicting how they will fare in the near future. You’ll also look at what skills will be needed for your development team to make the best use of these tools as tool capabilities change.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How the adoption of mobile devices changes the eLearning tools you can or should use
  • How the adoption of cloud-based software changes the eLearning tools you can or should use
  • What instructional designers and managers should do now to prepare for these changes