208 The Future of Learning Leadership

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM Thursday, July 28

As the workplace changes, so does the work learning leaders need to do to support their organizations. While some of the skills we’ve built in the past will serve learning leaders well as we navigate these changes, there are new skills we need to develop to prepare ourselves for the future of work. 

In our closing session of the Learning Leaders Summer Forum, we shift our gaze to the future, exploring the changing face of learning leadership and how we can prepare for it. Our panel of leaders will explore the changes that we can expect in our workplaces, and what it means for our work. We will examine the new skills that learning leaders will need to develop and discuss ways we can plan to build those skills. 

In this session you will learn: 

  • How the changing workplace impacts the work of L&D 

  • How the role of the learning leader is changing 

  • What skills we will need to develop to support the future of work 

  • How to future-proof your learning leadership 

Session Takeaway: Attendees will receive a curated list of resources that can help them further explore all of the themes discussed during the Learning Leaders Summer Online Forum.

David Kelly (Host)

CEO | Learning Architect

The Learning Guild

David Kelly is the CEO of The Learning Guild. David has been a learning and performance consultant and training director for over 20 years. He is a leading voice exploring how technology can be used to enhance training, education, learning, and organizational performance. David is an active member of the learning community, and can frequently be found speaking at industry events. He has previously contributed to organizations including ATD, eLearn Magazine, LINGOs, and more. He can be found online at his website, davidkelly.me, or on Twitter @LnDDave.


Speaker to be announced for this session.

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