105 Out of the Classroom and Into the Workflow: Designing 70-20-10 Onboarding

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM Wednesday, July 27

As the hybrid workplace emerges, many learning and development teams are being challenged to redesign classroom-based programs so they can accommodate remote workers. This can be a daunting task filled with more questions than answers.  

In this session you will learn from a case study of an organization that transformed a traditional classroom-based onboarding and upskilling program by shifting the learning experience into the workflow. You will discover the formula that was used for transforming a classroom-based training program into a true 70-20-10 blended learning program that is sustainable, scalable, and personalized to the needs of each learner. By attending this session you will gain tips that are sustainable in an ever-changing environment, scalable as companies grow, and personalized to the needs of the employee. 

In this session you will learn: 

  • How to get the business to take ownership of developing its employees 

  • How to get the business to collaboratively design with you so they own the results 

  • How to avoid falling back to old ways of thinking 

  • How to measure a 70-20-10 blended learning program  

Session Takeaway: Attendees will receive a framework for developing a 70-20-10 learning program.

Jennifer McCuen

SVP Talent Development

Atlantic Union Bank

Jennifer McCuen is a global HR leader with expertise in transforming people and teams to lead and thrive in a modern world. She maintains that an organization can only grow as fast as its employees can learn, so as a learning leader, the work she does has never been more vital. She believes in strengths-based teams, challenging the status quo, development through radical candor, and bringing your whole self to work and helping others do the same.

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