In recognition of International Women’s Day 2021, The Learning Guild’s director of research Jane Bozarth and Kate Graham, head of content for Fosway and leader in the #WomenInLearning initiative, contacted 10 women currently working in L&D to shed light on what the current state of women at work on our industry looks like.

The report profiles women from the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, and India, most at mid-career, and offers their comments about success, overcoming missteps and obstacles, and the role of mentoring. Themes touched on include:

  • Overcoming personal doubts and fears
  • The struggles in finding balance between work and family
  • The awareness of the role one’s own privilege may have played in their career success
Download the Executive Summary

Download the Executive Summary

Download this brief summary to learn more about how this research report will help you gain new insight into what characteristics and skills make a learning leader effective.