Augmented and virtual reality can be an incredible tool when it comes to practicing certain skills that may not be safe or realistic in real life.

AR and VR technologies are radically changing L&D as an industry. This research report, Augmented and Virtual Reality for Behavior Change, by Julie Dirksen, Dustin DiTommaso, and Cindy Plunkett explores how AR and VR can be a great resource for behavior change. The report examines key research on this, centered on the following themes:

  • Enabling the Behavior
  • Empathy Building
  • Experiencing Consequences
  • Future Projection
  • Feedback
  • Emotional Self-Regulation

Download this report to discover how AR and VR solutions are a useful investment for behavior change.


All Contributors

Julie Dirksen

Learning Strategist, Usable Learning

Dustin DiTommaso

SVP, Behavior Change Design, Mad*Pow

Cindy Plunkett

Director, Learning Design & Development, PointClickCare