In the Guild’s 2016 US eLearning Salary & Compensation Report, Sharon Vipond and Temple Smolen report findings from the Guild’s compensation survey, analyzing US compensation issues using a number of factors, including industry and gender. US compensation findings are broken down by variables including state, metropolitan area, industry, company size, education level, job-focus area, and gender.

The average US base salary of $80,359 is down 0.89 percent from the 2014 average of $81,079. The average base salary in New Jersey ($97,192) was 4.4 percent higher than in California, the state with the next highest amount ($93,087), and nearly 21 percent higher than the national average salary of $80,359. New Jersey’s average salary was 54 percent higher than the lowest reported average state salary, Missouri ($63,167). While the highest average state salary is found on the East Coast, the US metropolitan areas with the highest average salaries are in California: San Francisco ($98,536) and Los Angeles ($98,130).

The report includes a link to the Guild’s updated 2016 salary calculator, which gives users the option to compute and compare national US baseline salaries. Also provided are practical suggestions for utilizing the data contained in the report, such as an action plan if your salary doesn’t measure up.

The data reported were collected from more than 3,500 eLearning Guild members in the US, who provided their salary and compensation information as part of their membership data.