Corporations and academics have unique requirements for learning management systems. The eLearning Guild and Adobe Systems studied how each uses LMSs and how their plans and requirements will evolve.

In these reports, Corporate Learning Management Systems 2016 – 2018 and Academic Learning Management Systems 2016 – 2018, Sharon Vipond explores LMS deployment approaches (i.e., SaaS or on-premises); current satisfaction levels; future visions of learning management; and features rated most highly by each community.  Also discussed is the impending death of corporate LMSs as compared to the brighter vision of next generation digital learning environments (NGDLEs) favored among academic LMS users.

Included in these two reports is our 2015 LMS Reporting and Analytics Readiness Assessment Resources package. To learn more about these resources or to download your copy, go to the LMS Reporting and Analytics Readiness Assessment Resources page, here.