The mobile ecosystem – devices, carriers, app markets, etc. – has become the fastest-growing industry ever seen. The number of smartphones sold in the US now exceeds the number of the sales of standard phones; almost 98% of people have a mobile device. More people are using mobile devices than computers to access the Internet. Unlike a PC or even a laptop, this is an education opportunity they take with them wherever they go.

The preferred mLearning platform for Guild members has shown a shift over time. While Apple’s iOS has shown a persistent interest (dominating the tablet market, and with a strong base in smartphones), Google’s Android has risen from 2.3% in 2010 to 31.4% in 2012 as its share of the smartphone market has risen.

The number of Guild members who say they intend to use mLearning continues to increase. In 2010, 45.6% of Guild members said they intend to do more mLearning. In 2012, that figure has increased to 65.7%.

In this report, author Clark Quinn examines the current status and trends in mobile learning, analyzing usage, availability, return on investment, perceived barriers, and other topics. He also assesses how mobile learning is changing, and recommends strategies to make the most of the technology’s emerging opportunities.