Do you need a degree or credential to get ahead in eLearning? Credentials are important, say most of the Guild members who responded to the April 2011 Degrees and Credentials Survey. They deliver evidence of competence as eLearning practitioners. And skills are vital as well. What’s needed, in fact, are both.

In this report, author Patti Shank analyzes eLearning Guild research data on members’ needs for and experiences with eLearning degree and credential programs.

Patti describes the programs that respondents are attending, have completed, or are considering, including the level and type of the program and program focus area. She then compares the type of job that respondents have to the types of jobs that they desire and their goals for attending a program. Patti then discusses respondent goals according to program level and focus areas and looks at how respondents chose their programs. Lastly, Patti examines how respondents assessed the value of these programs by looking at whether they felt they needed these programs for their current and desired jobs, whether they would recommend these programs to others, and their comments about the value of these programs to their careers.

Stay tuned for an additional publication that will explore degree and credential programs relative to the evolving eLearning field.