The eLearning Guild Getting Started series of reports will help you understand the concepts common to e-Learning design, development, and delivery. We base each report on eLearning Guild member data and the experience and insights of many people and organizations including this report’s author. Guild members with more experience have learned important lessons along the way that will be helpful to you as you get started. Each report will help you make sense of the options and evaluate both your and your organization’s needs.

MLearning has begun to take off, and is well on its way to becoming mainstream. Fifteen percent of Guild members have already implemented mLearning or are currently designing their first mLearning offering. An additional 50% are either researching how to do it or building a business case for mLearning in their organizations. Are you prepared?

This report explains a broad array of mobile technologies that you can harness for mLearning, including e-mail, Web content, social networking, stand-alone learning modules, synchronous meetings, and more. It also dispels popular misconceptions about mLearning, and explores Guild members' opinions and plans to incorporate mobile learning into their e-Learning efforts.

Whether you are new to e-Learning or only new to mLearning as a form of e-Learning, it is time to start evaluating your options and understand the issues around developing the business case for using mLearning in your organization. Download this report and get started today.