The average salary of a person who lives in the United States and works in eLearning is $78,723.

While this makes for a tasty sound bite that numerous publications and myriad blogs will undoubtedly quote, this fact, by itself, doesn’t shine much light on the e-Learning industry. This number comes from taking a huge pool of information – in this case, survey data from 4,374 e-Learning professionals – and cramming it into a giant data blender that combines the 55-year old pharmaceutical EVP with a 21-year-old state government tyro and the 42-year-old telecommunications manager.

There are so many variables that determine a person’s salary, including age, gender, education, job level, principal job responsibility, geographic location, number of people managed, and so on, that the $78,723 figure only tells a very small portion of the story. In this ongoing study – probably the most comprehensive ever undertaken in the e-Learning industry – we’ve gathered literally millions of data points so that we, and you, can compare results across industries, company sizes, and education levels. This lets you see where you, your colleagues, your staff, and quite likely, the entire industry, stand relative to each other and to other industries.