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Special thanks to everyone who participated in FocusOn Learning 2017. You helped make this the best year yet!

Video Foundations Sessions

Video Foundations is a series of sessions tailored for those just getting started with exploring the potential of using video for learning.

The Video Foundations program consists of carefully selected sessions that lead you through a logical progression exploring the major areas of video learning you need to understand in order to harness the potential of video for learning.

“We’ll Do It Live!”: Live Streaming for L&D
Sam Rogers, Snap Synapse

BYOL: Creating Microlearning Videos with GoAnimate
Heloisa Kinder, UC Davis

BYOL: Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects
Nick Floro, Sealworks Interactive Studios

BYOL: MacGyvering Your Own Interactive Video
Adam Ross, Canadian Tire
Veronica Escutia, Canadian Tire Corporation

BYOL: Tips and Tricks for Creating Better Explainer Videos
Jeff Batt, Learning Dojo

CANCELLED: Getting Started with 360-Degree Video
Destery Hildenbrand, Intellezy

Getting Started with Video Education in Your Organization
Robert Leavitt, Investools from TD Ameritrade
Benjamin Miller, Investools from TD Ameritrade

Making Budget-Friendly Instructional Videos
Matthew Pierce, TechSmith

Microlearning Video: Training as You Need It
Drew Blom, UnitedHealthcare
Krista McVann, UnitedHealthcare

Scripting Effective Visual Directions for Your Videos
Derek Brezette, RPA

The Most Effective Tools for Creating Amazing Videos Quickly
Brian Hardin, Sally Beauty Holdings

Using Video to Lower Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction
Paul Zahradka, Brocade Communications