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109 Microlearning Video: Training as You Need It

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Tuesday, June 20


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Training comes most commonly in the form of a webinar or in-person presentation with a slide deck. You get a lot of information, presentation of complex topics, and a two-way communication street where questions from the audience can be addressed as they come up. These are all good things. But sometimes you don’t want to know how to build a watch—you just need to know what time it is.

Video can be an effective a la carte component of microlearning. Having digestible content available for your learners is key, and video is an important component of any a la carte learning strategy. This session will present some real-world examples and cover the ideation, strategy, and creative process that go into making a video for a microlearning application. You will have a chance to ask questions and share examples of what has worked for you. Come ready to learn and share.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About microlearning from a sales training perspective
  • About the strategy that goes into creating a video for microlearning
  • A better understanding of the tools necessary to implement microlearning video
  • How process and technology can translate between fields

Novice to intermediate  designers, developers, project managers, and managers.

Drew Blom

Senior Digital Instructional Designer


Drew Blom is a senior digital instructional designer at UnitedHealthcare. He has nearly 10 years’ experience teaching in higher education, and over a decade of experience as a designer, animator, and illustrator. At UnitedHealthcare, Drew uses his experience to illustrate learning journeys through pictures.

Krista McVann

Associate Director of Training


Krista McVann is an associate director of training at UnitedHealthcare, where she leads a team of talented individuals who are responsible for both the design and delivery functions in the training of field sales agents. Her team also creates and facilitates content to new sales support representatives in call centers across the country. Her love of storytelling allows her to build a strategy that helps her partners—both in the field and at HQ—connect the dots and understand the full value of training. Krista is also an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry; her goal is to inspire others to reach new heights in their fitness endeavors.

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