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The Learning Leaders Alliance Archive provides access to recorded sessions from monthly Learning Leaders Alliance meetings, Learning Leaders Online Forums, and more. This archive covers topics that matter most to today’s modern learning leaders and those who aspire to become leaders. Access to the Learning Leaders archive is reserved exclusively for members of the Learning Leaders Alliance.

Featured Learning Leaders Alliance Archive Content

Leaderchat with Susanne Ambros and Inez von Weitershausen

2.6.23 | Learning Leaders Archive | LeaderChat

Agile learning puts the learner at the center of their learning process and supports individuals as they organize and independently handle their own learning goals. In this month’s LeaderChat, we’ll talk with Susanne Ambros, the team lead for QualityMinds, about how her team developed, implemented, and scaled a learner-centered agile process.

LLA Monthly Meetup: Taking a Systems Approach to Learning Design

1.18.23 | Learning Leaders Archive | Monthly Meeting

All learning leaders know that training is not always the answer. Learning strategist Julie Dirksen of Usable Learning joins us for this month's Meetup to talk about using systems thinking to better understand the problems you are trying to solve. In this interactive session, learn how systems thinking can help you analyze underlying issues, persuade stakeholders to try different solutions, and reinforce factors that impact the success of your learning interventions.