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Remote Learning Resources Aid Humanitarian Workers

Humanitarian professionals work tirelessly to provide hope, resources, and relief in some of the direst man-made and natural disasters around the globe. Yet many aid workers only receive a basic level of training when joining a non-governmental organization (NGO), with most development still grounded in a combination of on-the-ground experience, in-person learning, and one-on-one mentoring.

Now more than ever, humanitarians need professional development and support. Given constraints and challenges faced by both international and local NGOs, many humanitarians—particularly in besieged and hard-to-reach areas—have limited access to classroom-based training. Remote learning is essential for humanitarians around the world.

In 2012, the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation established to build skills and promote knowledge sharing among humanitarian aid workers, who can access their resources anywhere, anytime, and at no cost. Organizations like the International Red Cross, UN, and other humanitarian organizations have made tremendous progress in establishing best practices and improving coordination within the sector. But with the growing complexity of assistance work, fills the critical need of enabling individuals at all levels in relief organizations to prepare for current or future deployment.

Registration is free and provides all users with unlimited access to more than 1,000 different online learning resources. Content modalities range from in-depth, traditional eLearning to microlearning and mobile-friendly interactive guides. The portal is accessible in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Learners can take training on a mobile app, where they can download select courses to complete when they are working in remote locations without access to a stable internet connection.

Today, more than 150,000 active learners come together on DisasterReady to develop new skills and collaborate with colleagues from over 190 countries. By providing high-quality, accessible disaster response training at no cost, enables aid workers to do what they do best: save lives, rebuild communities, and restore hope.


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