Uncover the True Potential of Microlearning

There’s no doubt that microlearning is one of the hottest buzzwords in our industry, but how can we best incorporate microlearning into our work? As learning and development professionals, we want to apply bite-sized learning tactics in a manner that makes sense, saves time, and engages our learners.

During the Microlearning Summit, you will explore how to elevate microlearning beyond the buzz. You will investigate what microlearning can be and how you can apply it in your work, as well as discover strategy points around microlearning. Additionally, learn how microlearning approaches can be used for performance support, spaced learning, and preparation for formal training. This Summit will help you take microlearning beyond the idea and apply it to your eLearning strategy and concepts.

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Mapping Your Microlearning Strategy: When and Where to Implement

Microlearning and the demand for bite-sized learning content is only continuing to grow. L&D professionals need to understand what microlearning is as well as how and when to incorporate it into the learning programs they are building. Sessions at the Microlearning Summit will address these questions, putting a new spin on the typical industry conversation.

Highlights Include:

Microlearning in the Real World with Carla Torgerson

Using Microlearning to Support a Dispersed Workforce with Christiana Houck and Elena Cistrunk

What’s Next for Microlearning with JD Dillon

Leverage the Best Microlearning Approaches for Your Organization

Hear from strategists that have gone above and beyond to incorporate microlearning into their approaches. These experts will dive into the strategies and approaches you can take that will be the most beneficial for your work.

Josh Cavalier

Elena Cistrunk
Senior Program Manager
Aristocrat Technologies

Robyn Defelice
Consultant and Learning Strategist
Revolve Solutions

JD Dillon
Chief Learning Architect

Diane Elkins
Artisan E-Learning and E-Learning Uncovered

Christiana Houck
Director of Learning Solutions
Aristocrat Technologies


Sue Iannone
Vice President
Bull City Blue

Shannon Tipton
Learning Rebels

Carla Torgerson
Director of Instructional Design
Bull City Learning, Inc.


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