Explore the Opportunities for Data & Analytics

There is a considerable amount of buzz in our industry surrounding data. Data continues to multiply, and so does the processing power available for analytics and interpretation. People are grappling with making sense of it all. At the Data & Analytics Summit, we’re inviting leaders from the data and analytics space to explore the questions that our industry is struggling to answer and provide clarity around what we’re doing today and what’s possible for tomorrow.

This Summit aims to give you a better understanding of the relationships between data and content, show you how to make data actionable within your organization, and prepare you to take advantage of the new opportunities that data is going to open up for learning in the future.

Join us and discover how to use data today and tomorrow.

Two Days of Invigorating Exploration

Individuals in the data and analytics fields will explore how technology is shaping our lives today and the effort to build new data structures that will be commonplace in the years to come.


Why You Should Care About Data Analytics with Ellen Wagner
Learn why data analytics is getting so much attention and how it will impact the work of learning and performance professionals.

Data Points: Using Behavioral Analytics to Improve Learning Outcomes with JD Dillon
Discover how one of the world’s largest retailers is using behavioral observation data to inform its ongoing learning and performance strategies.

Skill Intelligence: Beyond Business Intelligence with Megan Bowe and Aaron Silvers
Find out how skill intelligence can provide actionable insights behind business intelligence metrics and how skill intelligence can create a framework for growth.

Dive Into Every Aspect of Data & Analytics

More and more individuals and organizations are looking to tap into the possibilities that data science is opening up. With this in mind, we’ve gathered individuals from the data and analytics field to discuss the potential of this new technological opportunity.

Megan Bowe

JD Dillon
Principal Learning Strategist

David Kelly
Executive Director
The eLearning Guild

Tim Martin
Rustici Software

Sean Putman
Vice President of Learning Development
Altair Engineering

Aaron Silvers

George Siemens
Professor and Executive Director of the Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge Research Lab
University of Texas, Arlington

M.J. Bishop
William E. Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation, University System of Maryland

Ellen Wagner
Chief Research Officer
PAR Framework
Vice President Research

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