Milestones are key moments in the timeline of a story; they provide a great opportunity to reflect on what we’ve learned so far and how the story will continue to evolve in the future. The story of mLearning has reached an important milestone.

On this panel, mLearning experts will examine the successes and failures that have brought mLearning to where it is today and explore where it is likely to head in the future. You’ll learn lessons companies have gained from implementing mLearning and how they plan to adapt their strategies in the future. You’ll reflect on the affordances mobile technologies provide for learning today and the types of opportunities they will provide in the near future, and you’ll discover new possibilities for leveraging mobile technologies to support learning and performance in your organization.

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Imogen Casebourne

Director of Learning, LEO

Clark Quinn

Chief Learning Strategist, Upside Learning

Chad Udell

Chief Strategy Officer, Float and SparkLearn