As we leave DevLearn 2021 we return to a workplace in transition. The “new normalâ€쳌 of work is still being defined, adding weight and pressure to the challenge of supporting people through these changes. To meet and overcome these challenges, we will need to build our personal resilience and determination.

For our closing keynote we are pleased to welcome Richard White, author of the book I'm Possible: A Story of Survival, a Tuba, and the Small Miracle of a Big Dream. During this keynote Dr. White will share his inspirational story of a Baltimore kid who battled multiple challenges and cultural barriers including intermittent homelessness, and went on to become the first African American in the world to receive a doctorate of music in tuba. Join us to hear his remarkable story of perseverance and possibility, and gain practical tips on how to be more resilient in your own work.

Session Video