The ability to explore an environment in all directions offers exciting possibilities for telling stories and engaging audiences. But how do you make the exploration truly interactive so it opens up more learning opportunities? From hazard identification to virtual tours to situational decision-making, where will this exciting new technology prove most beneficial to workforce performance?

In this session, you’ll hear the findings of a year-long investigation into the opportunities of using mobile VR in workplace learning. By following the journey from start to finish, you’ll deepen your understanding of what’s possible with this new and exciting technology. You’ll explore the potential learning applications and discover how visual design, music, and positional audio work together to immerse users in the experience. The session includes a live demo of mobile VR for learning. You’ll take away tips on aligning the technology to your business challenges and integrating it with your learning strategy.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How VR enhances learning interactions
  • How learners respond to immersive learning environments
  • When it is appropriate to use VR content in learning
  • About the challenges associated with the new technology
  • How to make VR affordable and accessible in L&D
  • How to move from interactive 360-degree video to virtual reality
  • How sound, voice-over, and UX design create a fluid experience

Novice managers and directors.

Technology discussed in this session:
Mobile VR, interactive 360-degree video, spatialized/binaural audio, and GoPro video cameras.


Session Video