Organizations today are finding an urgent need to support opportunities to learn and perform on the job continuously. The learning environment has evolved beyond the classroom and online blends to a more dynamic learning environment that includes “learning and support @ the point of work.” The prevalence of mobile devices used for both learning and support force a reassessment of how we design, develop, and deliver solutions at the point of work. While linear learning methods work well for formal training, the work context requires a more diverse mix of smaller, task-level, and role-specific learning and support content.

Participants in this session will learn how to create a seamless edge-to-edge solution to access the right learning assets by the right learners—at their moment(s) of need—in a work context-friendly amount and format, and to and from the right devices. Take traditional ISD (ADDIE) models that handle classroom and online training, and integrate three new attributes that include SPACE, SYSTEMS, and MEDIUM. You’ll learn the characteristics of these attributes that reshape and drive iterative applications of ISD methods, including downstream post-training environments.


Session Video