Find all of the handouts from Learning 2023 sessions here.

105: Master the Matrix: How Boston Scientific Executed a Skills-Based Feedback Process

Caitlin Miller,  Dawn Peterson

108: Celebrate Failure & Other Great Ways to Build Culture on a Remote Team

Michael Farnsworth,  Seth Warburton

201: Cultivate a Culture of Learning Through Peer-Led Leadership Development

Adam Roderick,  Ashton Hammonds,  Kyle Dismukes

203: Get Your Team On Board with Persuasive Presentation Storytelling

Richard Goring

204: Ignite Your L&D Team: Migrating to Agile Project Management

Amber Boyd

207: Understand & Apply Modern Learning Practice to Your Design

Andrew Jacobs

208: Learning Through Reflection: Building Head-to-Heart Connections

Karen Cordova,  Mark Nilles

303: Illuminate Your Learning Culture Through an Enterprise-Wide Learning Event

John Mehalek,  Patrick Hutchinson

305: Create Strategic Opportunities by Asking Powerful Questions

Christopher Adams

403: Build Trust Through Feedback, Coaching & Mentoring

Tony Bowie

404: How to Ensure Your Learning Strategy Meets True Business Needs

Erika Wharton,  Florence Bromfield

405: L&D Detective: Solve Measurement Mysteries

Kevin M. Yates

407: Mind the Gap: Successfully Deploy Virtual Learning to a Workforce with Technology Gaps

Tierney Keller Brown

408: Maximize Productivity: Empowering Workflows with a Digital Coach

Bob Mosher,  Sara Chizzo

413: Kickstarting Your Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Strategies for Success

David Jackson

504: Learning Together While Apart: Drive Excellence in Cohort-Based Programs

Heather Appell,  Nicki Atkinson

505: Innovation Hour: Pitch, Pilot & Implement a Space for Creativity at Work

Brooke Barker,  Robyn Cole-Jackson

507: Create a Better Learning Experience Based on Student Preferences & Motivations

David DuBois

508: How to Use Action Learning to Develop Leadership Skills

Joan Keevill

512: Strategy to Implementation: Learning in the Flow of Work

Alfred Remmits,  Robin de Graaf

601: How Learning Leaders Benefit from Looking Outside L&D

Marjan Bradesko

602: Building Training Cohorts in Teams

Derek Croad

603: Turn L&D into the Business Partner Your Organization Needs

Barry Nadler

604: How & Why to Implement a Strategic Thinking Program for Senior Leaders

James Holcomb

607: Women in Learning

Sharon Claffey Kaliouby

608: Agile Learning: The Logical Next Step for L&D in Agile Environments

Susanne Ambros

702: We're Not 'Order Takers': Become a Trusted Business Advisor

Jess Almlie

707: Maximize Training Transfer Through Results-Driven Design

Elham Arabi

708: Beyond Translation: Delivering Leadership Development to Diverse Frontline Managers

Lisa Foster,  Susana Reyes Lee

709: The Buyer's Guide to AI Learning Products (for Non-Technical Buyers)

Vince De Freitas

801: Build an Effective Learning Strategy: 5 Key Components

Amberlee Bosse

802: Learning After Layoffs

Coleman Williams,  Maggie Redling

805: Optimizing L&D in Small Teams: Best Practices for Maximum Impact

David Jackson

807: Engaging Training: Strategies to Inspire Lifelong Learning

Rosa Espinal

901: How to Lead & Inspire a Creative Team

Michelle Kotulski

902: Are You an Accidental ID? Let's Create a Training Development Plan!

Ebony Lawrence

904: How & Why to Embrace New Technologies

Debbie Richards

907: Leveraging Digital Transformation to Enhance Learning Experiences

Abby Johnson,  Iuliia Algasova,  Jessica Schlauer,  Kennedy Scott,  Lani Matsumura

908: Make It Meaningful: The Power of Culturally Relevant Learning

Shantel Dixon

1002: Developing People Who Develop People

Catherine Lombardozzi

1003: Aligning Your Learning Programs to Business Goals

Ben Jacobson,  Marcella Roberts