Find all of the handouts from Learning Solutions 2023 Conference & Expo sessions here.

101: BYOD: 10 Skills You Need to Be an L&D Video Editor

Barry Nadler

103: Improve Learning Transfer Through Chatbot-delivered Smart Nudges

Vince Han

106: Learning Campaigns: The Principle of 7 Touches

Lynne McNamee

107: Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Using Inquiry-based Learning to Improve L&D

Cally Mervine

110: Storytelling with Data: Empowering Teams to Make Evidence-based Decisions

Ben Dworken

113: Maximizing Microlearning

Robyn Defelice

202: BYOD: Mastering Microlearning: Crafting a Plan for Impactful Implementation

Carla Torgerson

203: Beyond Compliance: Accessibility and Inclusion for Diverse and Global Learners

Mirah Lake

204: Using Prototypes to Design Global Learning Solutions

Gregg Eiler,  Jacinta Corpuz

209: Escape Games for Virtual Training: There's a Recipe for That!

Kassy LaBorie

210: Creating Engaging and Interactive Online Orientations

Pamela Gutman

211: Reimagining Microlearning with a Practical, Practice-first Approach

Jennifer Long,  Jennifer St. Amand

213: ID Summit: Energize SMEs and Reclaim Time: Presenting Your Ask as Their Opportunity

Liz Young,  Sarah Flaherty

302: BYOD: Create a Just-in-Time Learning Strategy Using Vyond

Lauren Merrild,  Megan Dillon

303: Create Compelling Presentations for Classroom or Virtual Training

Richard Goring

308: FAQs Don't Work! Here's Something That Does

Margie Meacham

310: When Learners Disrupt: Managing Uncivil Behavior in Virtual Classrooms

Ariana Saunders,  Lisa Mertes Sepahi

313: ID Summit: Too Much Text! But Is It? Research and Tips on Making Text-based Modules

Matt McGee

314: ID Summit: Transforming What Your SMEs Know to What Your Learners Need

Diane Elkins

403: ID Summit: Cognitive Load: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Kevin Lange

404: DEIA Awareness to Action: A Review Process for Learning Content

Cammie Bricker,  Kelly Johnson

408: 10 Ways to Convert Your Learning Data Into a Story

Marjan Bradesko

410: Enhance Learning and Performance with Videos: Not Just Tutorials

Matthew Pierce

503: Course Mapping Your Way to Success!

Robin Stefani,  Vicki Anderson

506: The Evolution of Microlearning: Contextual Microlearning

Asif Rehmani

507: More Than a Game: Motivating Change Through Behavior-based Games

Jennifer Yaros

509: ID Summit: Technical Training: Yes, It Can Be Engaging!

Chad Neumann

511: VR Simulations in Virtual Classes: A How-To Guide for Facilitators

Cindy Huggett

513: Designing for Virtual Reality

Debbie Richards

601: ID Summit/BYOD: Writing Scenarios: Compelling Characters and Distinctive Dialogue

Christy Tucker

603: 15 UI Design Hacks for a Fast eLearning Facelift

Jennifer Grimes

605: Embrace Backchanneling: A Deep Dive on Enhanced Feedback

Juan Mavo-Navarro

606: Escape Your LMS: A Case Study in Shifting to Workflow Learning

Cleon McClure,  Enid Crystal

702: BYOD: No Code xAPI Implementation

Jeff Batt

703: Using Social Engagement Platforms for Learning in a Virtual World

Eva Szabo

704: The Robots Are Here! How AI is Transforming L&D

JD Dillon

706: Launching Your Micro Credentialing Strategy

Lynsey Duncan

708: Is Your eLearning Ableist? Accessibility Matters: Leave No Learner Behind

Diane Elkins

709: ID Summit: Inclusive Learning Design: Diversity, Racial Equity, and Inclusion

Ariana Saunders,  Lisa Mertes Sepahi

710: Easy VR Storytelling at Scale: Maximizing Impact While Controlling Cost

Dan Krolczyk,  Kristin Murner

712: Transform Your Content with Gaming Elements: A Collaborative Exploration

Edward Javor,  Paul Schneider

713: ID Summit: Create Great Learning Results with the Power of Personas

Jill Stanton

801: BYOD: The Art of the Prompt: Unlocking the Potential of AI in Learning

Owen Holt

802: No More Crickets: Building Engagement in Online Events

Kirsten Rourke

805: Creating a Comprehensive Employee Development Program: A Case Study

Katie Boggess,  Stephanie McLaughlin

806: Recession Proofing Learning and Development: Gaining Executive Confidence

Christina Barss

807: Creating Future-proofed, Accessible, and Inclusive Digital Courses with HTML

Joanne Etmanski,  Michael Nagy

808: Macro To Micro: Turning Big Concepts Into Small Content

Shannon Tipton

809: ID Summit: Need TNT for your LMS? Tips, Nuggets, and Tricks to Alleviate Frustrations

Amy Eno

901: BYOD: Simulation Revival: Virtualizing Systems Training

Tim Crowe

902: ID Summit: Incorporating Accessibility into the Beginning Stages of Learning Design

David Eifert

903: Consulting Hacks for Maximum Impact

Liz Herrick

904: Using Story Beats and Comedy Plot Curve for eLearning Scenario Development

Mike Roy

905: Learning Visualized, Creative Uses of Infographics for Better Engagement

Bryan Morgan

906: Learning in VR: UX Principles and Storyboarding

Tristia Hennessey

908: Deliver Learning Programs That Matter

Kelly Burns

909: Working Smarter: Using Technology to Organize, Automate, and Coach SMEs

Andrew Marsula,  Tracy Garchak