Attending your first Learning Solutions Conference & Expo? Welcome! You’ve probably heard us talk about DemoFest time and time again, and you might be thinking “What is this DemoFest?” Let us fill you in…


DemoFest is just like the science fair you might remember from middle school but replace the science projects with modern-day eLearning projects and the middle schoolers with fellow conference attendees! DemoFest is arranged with a table for each project that is being shown. This event offers an amazing opportunity to see a wide variety of projects and talk to the designers and developers about the tools, technologies, and processes they used to build them.

At Learning Solutions Conference & Expo, DemoFest embodies what the conference is all about: sharing what works. You will not only see these projects in action but also learn about the benefits and results these projects provided to their organizations.


This year’s DemoFest will feature projects like…

“Scenario-based De-Escalation Education” by Ed Wilson

“Tree of Knowledge: A Mixed Reality Accounting Journey” by Bryan Morgan & Jennifer Hackim

“Revamping Medical eLearning Modules” by Laura Fothergill

“Tic-Tac-Toe Knowledge Check” by Chris Loyd

“eLearning Scavenger Hunt” by Pamela Gutman

“Interactive Mindmaps for Medical Microbiology Learning” by Jane Harrington

“Cognitive Training in VR: Empathy Building for Dementia Caregivers” by Dan Krolczyk

“Resilience Resource Portal for Educators” by Michael Nagy

“E-Learning for Fine Art Underwriting” by Rachel Snyder

“Diversity & Inclusion Digital Hub” by Nick Floro

“Blending Learning for Interactive Education” by Dr. Vikas Joshi

“Interactive Leadership Competencies Self-Assessment” by Tracy Parish

“Product Nomenclature Game” by Jennifer Yaros

“From Physical to Virtual: Team-Based Learning Game” by Kai Dean

“Fire Extinguisher Basics: PASS Training In VR” by Destery Hildenbrand

“Enhancing Safety Training with Interactive VR” by Heath Shatouhy

“The Stewart House: An Interactive VR Museum” by Ryan Gannon

“Breaking the Scheduling Barrier: VR Training for Chemical Operators” by Travis Mosier

“Metaverse Onboarding Campus for Engagement and Applied Learning” by Lisa Goldstein

“A Digital Coach for Manual Workers” by Bill Crose

“AI Chatbot Improves Training Efficiency for Multilingual QSR Staff” by Poonam J

“xAPI Data-Driven Performance Support for DocuSign Processes” by Sarah Charles

“Interactive Sales Onboarding Video” by Eduardo Leopold

“Immersive Drone Video Teaches Soccer Skills” by Diane Elkins

“Virtual Systems Training with Interactive Video” by Tim Crowe

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Join us on April 13 at 5:00 PM ET in Orlando at Learning Solutions 2023! Either:

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