Along with all the other changes to our work lives, the virtual classroom is gaining some new roles. Consider the novel topics and objectives that are possible (and necessary) to address with so many employees working from home for the foreseeable future, as well as for those who will be in the office part-time.

So many new skills and so much new knowledge

These are some of the items that came to my mind during a press event hosted recently by the Josh Bersin Academy: "HR’s Big Moment: The Big COVID Reset."

  • Onboarding content we never had to include before:
    • Tips for parents working from home with children who are not in school
    • Maintaining work-life balance when working from home (WFH)
    • Mental well-being when isolated/quarantined
    • Safety: cleaning, distancing, masking (for those in the office part-time)
    • BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) and security when WFH
    • Contactless ordering, receiving, and delivery
    • Privacy in the age of webcam meetings (your home is still your castle)
  • Use of collaboration software and systems
  • Manager and supervisor development for new roles:
    • Being people-centered
    • Coaching remotely
    • New leadership models
    • Building the social experience at work when WFH

There will be many more items on this list in the next few months!

Resources from The Learning Guild

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